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Treat the toothache at home
April 30, 2019

What is the treatment of inflamed gums?

What is the treatment of inflamed gums?
Gingivitis is one of the most common diseases of all men and women who neglect oral and dental care. The neglect of dental hygiene is one of the main causes of gingivitis, which leads to major problems of tooth loss. The food is distributed between the toothpaste and normal access to cleaning. This food decomposes a component of lime on the tooth, which is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria that spread throughout the mouth quickly causing severe inflammation of the gums.

Causes of Gingivitis:
Do not take care of your teeth and mouth hygiene properly.
Calcium deficiency in the body.
Severe shortage of vitamins responsible for oral and dental health including vitamin A C D.
Severe shortage of blood.
Some of the diseases such as diabetes.
Alcohol consumption.
Drink plenty of soft drinks.
Take a lot of antibiotics that kill the antibodies in your mouth.

Symptoms Associated With Gingivitis:
Smelly of mouth.
Lithium pockets between the teeth.
Red and swollen gums.
Blood from the gums while cleaning the teeth.
Great pain during hot and cold drinks.
Pulsed pain in the area of ​​the mouth.
Inability to eat foods properly.

Methods of treatment of gingivitis:
The first and primary treatment is to clean the teeth in the clinic.
Clean your teeth thoroughly and brush, paste and floss every day three times.
Using toothpaste to clean teeth.
Minimize drinking soft drinks and stimulants.
Avoid alcohol.
Do not take antibiotics for extreme necessity.
Mouthwash with water and salt is considered to be a strong oral disinfectant of bacteria.
Grease the gums with olive oil, it works to kill bacteria and bacteria that are present in the mouth and treatment of any diseases of the gums.
Grease the gums with glycerol oil by moistening a small cotton of glycerol and rubbing gently on the gum. It works to sterilize the gum from all the viruses and bacteria that cause all diseases and works to whiten the teeth and strengthen the enamel of the tooth.
Massage the gum area with pomegranate oil twice a day will remove the entire inflammation, God willing.
Preparation of a mixture of ground beans with a teaspoon of honey and placed on the gums and then rinsed with saline solution.

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